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Your child’s senior photo session is one of the many activities you will be involved in during their final year in high school. 

If this is the first professional photo session you’re arranging, the below tips will help you feel more at ease.

The earlier the better. Most senior portrait sessions take place between June and October. It’s a busy time, so the sooner you can schedule a slot with a photographer of your choice, the better. Many parents schedule their sessions  months in advance to ensure they can book their ideal photographer. If your senior plays sports, you should also take this into consideration when deciding when to book a portrait session.

Location ideas are optional. If your senior has a location in mind for their portrait session, that’s perfect. However, you don’t need to know where you want to take your photos – your photographer can assist you with that. With that being said, you may want to get some additional suggestions from your photographer anyway before you make a final decision.

Plan those outfits. Your senior should know what they’re going to wear ahead of time. It’s also best to have at least 2 to 3 outfits lined up. Some senior photo sessions allow for more than one outfit. This is also not the time to try an outfit they’ve never worn before. Make sure your child is
comfortable in what they’re going to wear before their shoot, not the morning of. Again, if you need help with some suggestions, speak to your photographer.

Professional hair and makeup are not a must. While professional hair and makeup can enhance the senior portrait session experience, there is no need to pay for this unless you want to.

Props can be used. You are more than welcome to use props during the session. For example, if your senior plays football, it only makes sense to use a football in some of the shots. These photos should represent who your child is in their senior year and if props can help with that, by
all means, bring them along.

It’s ok to come along. While parents and siblings are welcome at the shoot, keep in mind that this is something your senior might want to do on their own. They may even choose to bring a friend along instead.

Bad weather may result in rescheduling. If the weather turns bad on the day of the portrait session, you will need to reschedule. Unfortunately, this is completely out of your photographer’s control.

Following the session I help my seniors and their families choose their final images to keep and print. I like to take the overwhelm out for them with an in-person ordering session.  There’s enough going on senior year and I don’t want any part of my photo experience to feel stressful!

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