Senior portraits can be displayed just about anywhere, but there are certain spots in a home where
they really stand out.

To help you think outside the box, I have put together a few ideas you can use once you receive
your child’s senior portrait prints.


Use Your Favorite Spots:
Which spots in your home do you love spending time in? This could be anywhere from a dressing
area, to the living or laundry room. Add one of the prints to a frame, so that you always have a
special reminder of this important milestone.

Over the Fireplace
Have a fireplace in your home? This is the perfect place to hang a senior portrait, whether it is
framed or printed on canvas. If you have more than one child, you can create a small photo wall
above your fireplace, so that everyone gets a spot.

Change Up Your Bookshelf
Yes, your bookshelf is designed to house books, but this doesn’t mean you only need to use it for
reading material. Get creative by combining your favorite books with one or two framed senior
portraits and other knick knacks.


Move Away from Frames
If your decor has more of an artistic feel, you can always place small canvas prints on easels. These
look great on side tables in either the bedroom or living room. Plus, they make for instant
conversation starters about your senior.


Spruce Up Your Foyer
It’s always nice to be met with beautiful family photos and portraits when you enter a home. Change
up the frame sizes and colors to create movement and to add a creative touch to your foyer.


Incorporate Them into Their Grad Party
Planning to host a grad party at home for your senior? Why not use some of their creative shots as
decor? This is a party to celebrate them, after all, so make them the center of attention in every way


Whatever you do, make sure that you print your child’s senior photos. You are hiring a professional
photographer for the occasion, so make it count!