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I love sharing photos of my family on social media whether they are quick phone photos, ones taken with my camera, or ones taken by another photographer. But it’s also important to me to print out my favorite photos.


I have the sweetest photo of my daughter and my husband when she was about 4 years old. He is filling the lawn mower with oil and she’s watching him while holding her toy lawn mower. She used to walk next to him “mowing” the lawn while he mowed. I only have one print of that photo because it was a phone photo long ago lost. If I hadn’t printed it out I wouldn’t have that visual memory.


There are photos all over our home. Photos of special days and not so special days. My girls in matching dresses and Halloween costumes. Photos of them with their grandparents and cousins and on their birthdays. When we see these photos it reminds us of what is important to us. And it contributes to making our house a home.



Here are two photos of my girls from when they were tiny!:

But, I know that choosing what photos to print from your photo session can be overwhelming. Who has the time between work and kids’ activities and making dinner to spend 20 minutes choosing the best photos from our session together to print. What sizes? Where to print from?


That is why I include an In Person Ordering appointment with my full photo sessions. Too many of my clients would tell me that they loved their photos from our session together but that they hadn’t taken the time to print them. So, I changed that about how I run my business. Now, I go to a client’s home within two weeks of our session to help them choose what images to keep, what to print, what to put in an album if they’d like one. Then I do the ordering for them through one of the professinal labs I use and deliver their products straight to their home.


Now they have artwork to display and it was simple and fast getting it. My job isn’t done until my clients can see their beautiful family photos displayed in their home.

Wondering where the two photos that are at the beginning and end of this post were taken? Both were taken at Doctors Park here in Fox Point. One of my favorite places to take photos because of the variety of backgrounds.  You can see there are trees and there’s also the beach!


Family Photography | Moments by Wendy| Milwaukee Family Photography